The meaning of life

Since the dawn of time, the ultimate question has been asked in a number of ways. Why do we exist? What is the meaning of life? Does God exist? What is the origin of the universe? How does the world exist, and what is its origin or source of creation? Why is there something rather than nothing?

This site offers you the possibility to discuss this fundamental metaphysical question with others. It also allows you to share your opinion and react to other people's points of view. What do you believe in? What do you think is the meaning of life?

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The Myth of "Free"

Trace - 2014-10-06 23:15
I generally deplore attempts to prove the truth of one's beliefs by quoting verses from the Bible or other holy book but because the belief in an 'unconditional gift' is so ingrained in religious beliefs, especially the Christian faiths, I feel it is appropriate to show that there are any number of clues in their own holy book showing that this isn't exactly true. Just for example,

Mathew 13:45-46 -
"....the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls: [46] Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it. …"

Clearly, it hints that there is a price, even if what you get in return is well worth it. It does no one any good to claim that something is free when in fact there is a price to pay. That price has nothing to do with the collection plate passed around the pews in church services in case you thought that was where I was going. No one gets off that cheaply.


reelbuddha - 2014-09-22 04:25
I will try to be clear and direct in this discussion:

I recently have a large amount of free time on my hands. During much of my time I have been finding task and activities to keep myself busy. As a person who prides himself on thought and meditation, it struck me strange that, when given the opportunity, I should avoid thought and meditation. In fact it became apparent that I was finding these activities very difficult to begin and maintain. I recognized a kind of dread in these activities, the same as the dread of boredom.
After some thought I came to some conclusions:
-when we are bored, we become greatly self-aware; our environment, our body, and our mind.
-Generally people like to be continuously entertained, resulting in the avoidance of prolonged self awareness and boredom. We promote the ideal to avoid boredom.
Here is the question:
Why do we dread boredom? My thoughts are running along the lines that I'm dreading self awareness. When I am bored or I meditate my attention is on my own existence. But i'm not sure why I would dread existence or being self aware.
Still processing it; let me know if you have any thoughts on about boredom.

The Answer to the Question of Life, the Universe & Everything.

Deany - 2014-09-17 05:54
It is my understanding that when we 'die' the body goes back to nature as they are both part of the material illusion. We ourselves are of a spiritual nature and return home on our being re-absorbed back into the Oneness of the Source from which we originated. Our brains are not actually 'us' at all. They are utilised by the spirit in much the same way that we are using our computers right now. The computer isn't actually part of us, but it is enabling us to communicate. Our bodies, in turn, are not actually part of us, but are needed to navigate through the illusional notion of everything being separated into countless beings, objects and elements, that we are currently inhabiting - and mistakenly believing to be 'real'.

As we are born out of the illusion (not 'into' - think about it) with no guidance whatsoever beyond those who are already trapped within it - taking it to be 'real', and the one and only 'real' there is - is an easy thing to do. Not so easy to undo, but not by any means impossible.

Our big problem is that back in the mists of long-passed time we have somehow forgotten what we truly are. Bodies are not needed in the spiritual Oneness of Reality. By Oneness, I mean simply that. Nothing is separated, All is whole, complete, eternal, infinite, unlimited and unchanging. The perfect opposites of a perfect separation - beginnings and endings, good and evil, birth and death, day and night, left and right, up and down, etc etc only exist here within this experience. Oneness, being eternal, has no beginnings or endings or opposites of any kind. No opposites = no conflict. All is one and one is all. I know it is not an easy notion to grasp fully at first, but that's because the mainstream thinking of the world is so opposite to the Truth, as one would expect in a world like this. One of chaos, as opposed to Reality's total peace.

Spiritual and unseen, peace, joy and happiness are enveloped within the Oneness of the Source. Perfect Love, its total Truth currently beyond our understanding, is the only Reality. Having said that though, God, or the Source's, world of Oneness is detectable here even though it is unseen. Things from His world cannot be given away, whereas earthly things can. For example. if I give a person my hat, I no longer have a hat. In fact, if I give away anything from the material world I no longer have it. But if I give a person Love, Joy and Happiness, all things from the unseen Oneness, I not only still have them myself, they are multiplied many times over. This is because in the unseen world of Oneness, everything is one and giving is the same as receiving, just as having is the same as being. In the world of Reality, there is no lack at all.

The way out is forgiveness in the form of realising that we are all inhabiting what amounts to no more than a chaotic nightmare and that nobody has actually done anything or committed any crime whatsoever. The Truth really does set you free.. A nightmare is only a nigh...

The sims kinda makes me feel like Im God

sanchit - 2014-09-05 08:54
Anybody else felt that? Playing the video game sims? - Youtube link here -

Players can put their virtual avatar through all sorts of live adventures and everything

Why happiness is your way out

sanchit - 2014-09-05 08:42
I was recently thinking about just the way out of all of this. Life, worries, troubles, nirvana. And since happiness is simply the opposite of sadness - and nothing more or nothing less. I began to wonder.

The following is an article from my blog, modified to fit a conversational tone required to communicate on this platform. :O

Assuming that the universe is pure violence and excessive horrors – like the great plagues, the depressions, and the tsunamis; then how exactly can you react to these phenomena?
The phenomena that are outside your scope of intelligence.

How long would you feel sad for? Days, months, or years? – What would happen after all the emotional back-n-forth, the cocooning of your own self, and the blanketing of your own mind? When would you eventually accept it and move on.

Assuming that the universe is boring. And life then becomes a drag, that lasts for days on end. You’re blocking your own happiness, and hence eventually the tiger turns its own stripes but can never forget its own roar. Happiness, in the end, is your way out of boredom.

Assuming that your world is extremely stressful, and you have problems mounting on top of mountains. Like a duck that appears calm on the top, while paddling at 20 miles n hour underneath. You’re only way out is to take it easy, and to figure out a way through. Happiness pervades everything.

Find that happiness, and you’ll fall in love with life. After that, its all going to fit in. Because you’ve found a reason to live, and a reason to find a solution to your seemingly minuscule problems. You’ll start to love life again.
Its like the jungle that can scare you with the sounds of its animals at night. But after a while, you find the patterns in the sounds and it becomes more like music.

Although, we don't really stick to being happy, do we.

My own thoughts

kalamae - 2014-09-02 04:09
I am a Biology major at a major university. I just started my senior year, so I've been in a bunch of classes. I want to believe everything that scientists say about a Big Bang and chance probabilities. I want to believe that we are all here by a chance encounter of the right elements at the right time. But I can't. I can't see how nothing can create something. And not just something, but a huge complex and incomprehensible universe.
Just thinking of the size and complexity of a single cell is almost unbelievable. Much less worlds and space we can't even see with a telescope. What caused the Big Bang? I've read that scientists think it could have been lightening? Lightening in the middle of nothing?
Think about that.. There wasn't even space in the beginning. There was nothing. Our atmosphere
allows for lighting because it has the right conditions and reactions. Where the hell did the lightening come from? Does anyone else see a problem with this theory? We know that there was a beginning because the universe is headed for death eventually. It's not timeless. Where did it start? When did it start? I'm searching for answers. This one question of the begging is the answer to what the meaning of life is.
If there is a God then the meaning of life would be to find him and praise him. If the answer is a chemical imbalanced created the earth, stars, planets, sun, etc. then I guess the answer would be to live like you want because when you die it's all over. There's nothing beyond this life. This is actually very depressing for me. What do I want to live for if there's only death in the end? I can't believe that this is all there is because people would be different if it was. I'm flaberghasted. What is the proof that there is a God though? There's documents about Jesus, but where is the hard evidence? I don't think I have enough faith to believe random chance could create all that exists.
People (who are highly evolved) can't create grass or trees or animals from nothing. How can nothing? That is too much. People that believe that have Wayy more faith than me. I think there has to be a higher power. There has to be an intelligent designer. Who is it? That's another forum.

Why We Exist - by Trace

Trace - 2014-09-02 01:34
After posting my thoughts on 'why we exist' over the past couple of years, it was pointed out to me that I had never made a clear standalone statement of that answer. Here's mine. I'd like to hear your version too.

If the universe (including us) is an accident of physics, that is the answer - We exist because of an accident and nothing more need be said.

If, like me, you believe there had to be a creator behind existence, it begs the question of why he/she/it did it. I follow no organized religion but I don't know any other term other than 'God' to use for that creator. I would ask that you drop all of your preconceptions about that word because I have no interest in debating all the flaws in religious teachings, of which there are many.

The order and design I see in the universe leads me to believe that God is a rational being who has logical thought processes like my own. That being the case, he and his reasons for making us must be knowable and understandable to us. We are, after all, the pinnacle of this creation. If you doubt that or think it is pretentious to think we are any better than an insect or a flower, you are excused now and can stop reading.

Being a created being, I assume that the emotional needs and wants that I experience are much like my creator's and because I have no reason to think he is sadistic, he would want my needs and wants filled. We are free to prioritize our wants and needs in any way we want and my personal highest need is to know why we exist. I would soon lose all joy in life if I did not at least make some headway toward knowing that. You probably would not have read this far (or even looked at this website) if you did not feel a little of that same need. Cutting to the chase - that need is universal, it is part and parcel of how we were made. You either answer that call or you don't, that too is your choice.

Not wanting to bore you with the details of my life, I will just tell you that I know what it is to be isolated and alone. While solitude can be a wonderful and necessary state to be in at times, complete solitude will cause anyone to lose the will to live. Do I need to spell out the next logical conclusion? God, too, did not wish to be alone.

That is why we exist. God wanted our company.

Ask yourself what kind of company you would want. Would you want a friend, lover, or partner who was frightened of you? One who spent time with you out of obligation or fear of making you mad? Of course not. We are most comfortable where there is mutual respect and affection and where the only reason we are together is through our individual free choice.

That is the dilemma that our creator was/is in. How do you let the people you want to have this close, intimate relationship with come to know you without being intimidated by the one who they owe their very existence to? You have no choice but to hide your existence from them and give them absolute free will and hope they d...

So What Do You Do?

Trace - 2014-08-30 01:06
What do you do to make things better when you feel down?

Isn't it a bitch when everything in your life is great and you still feel down?

Especially when you know that under these same circumstances there have been times that you felt on top of the world?

People want you to pretend (right along with them) that this is all there is. That all you can expect in life is 'enough'. A good job, friends, a spouse who loves you, a couple of kids, white picket fence and nice vacations - it ought to be enough. But is it?

Ask people these questions and they'll probably give you a diagnosis of being bipolar. I say Fuck'em. They have bought into the bullshit view of people as brains that need just the right chemical balance and everything will be OK.

Seek professional help, find the right meds, be happy with your blessed life. So many others would give anything to trade places with you so how can you be so self centered as to want more?

Again I say Fuck'em. There is more to life than 'maintaining an even strain'. Don't settle. Demand more. Don't stop looking until you find it.

Sometimes a fast ride on a motorcycle helps. Sometimes a flight above the clouds. Sometimes my favorite drug. Sometimes I go on a rant.

So what do you do?

Answer to "What is the meaning of life?"

Texsota - 2014-08-26 06:13
Life has as much meaning as mathematics or a pepperoni pizza. In other words, Life has no meaning. PURPOSE, ah, now that is a different question altogether.

My definition of spirituality

smallBang - 2014-08-22 13:42
Let's say one day BANGGGG! something incredible occures in one instant : everything related to religion and spirituality disapears and everybody forget all they know about it! Even the words related to religion disapear. No more "Buddha", "Jesus", "Mohamet" in the dictionary or in history books. There are no more sacred books either and nobody remember they even existed. There is nothing left related to religion!

Now, what happens?

Did Reality changed because of this event?
Did the Truth changed?
Did "God" changed?

Would it still be possible for an human to be truly spiritual?
Would it still be possible to reach the Ultimate state, "God" or call That as you want?

My opinion is that without those words and concepts (Jesus, the Koran, churches, heaven, etc.) everything would be the same. Except maybe there would be way less wars in this world.

Word are just words. The Truth will always stay the Truth, whatever happens.

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